I met Aya Khenissi when I first started my research for the purchase of a property in February 2017. We immediately connected and I decided to pursue my research with her. What impressed me about her was her professionalism, her warm interpersonal skills and especially the rigor and passion for the job that I felt from her. Aya is a person with undeniable charisma. She is fundamentally honest, straightforward and patient. She does not get discouraged easily, which was sometimes not my case during our research. She always said to me: "Trust me, we will find your house!" And we did find it in April 2017. Since my move in August 2017 in this beautiful little house, I can say that I am at the right place and that my life changes for the better day by day. Owning one's own home and own land is priceless. My neighbors are incredibly friendly and respectful and I owe some of my well being to Aya Khenissi who has used her flair and immense generosity to find my haven of peace. I refer her to you with a lot of warmth and, above all, without any hesitation!

Maryse B.

From beginning to end, Aya has always been there and answered the thousand and one questions we had. The sale of a property is often very emotional, but she has been able to give us confidence by her exemplary professionalism. I would recommend her without hesitation!


I was referred to Aya by a friend at a time when I was looking for a new agent to sell my property. Upon meeting Aya I knew she was someone that was committed to her work but more importantly she had the drive to succeed. I signed the contract and gave her free rein to do what she needed to sell the property within my target price. After researching the market she immediately came up with some great ideas and continued to work hard in order to make sure we were doing everything we could to create a winning scenario. The property sold shortly thereafter and I was ecstatic. Throughout my experience working with Aya, she was able to provide crucial market insight, marketing advice, was exceptionally responsive and always pragmatic about what direction to take. She also handled all matters including staging the unit, open houses, dealing with the condo association, notary, etc. Ultimately I have nothing but high praise for her work ethic and dedication and willingness to want to succeed! I will look forward to working with Aya again in the future.

Tony J.

With Aya Khenissi’s skillful, energetic, and generous assistance, my husband and I recently purchased a property in Montréal. Thanks to Ms. Khenissi’s untiring efforts on our behalf, and the many ways in which she supported us through the process, we are enormously pleased with the way everything turned out. Our case was somewhat complicated by our being residents currently of the United States, with limited opportunities to travel to Canada, but Ms. Khenissi was very flexible about accommodating this circumstance. Not only was she endlessly patient with us throughout our search and various negotiations, it was clear from start to finish that she was advocating for us conscientiously and with determination, in the interest of helping us find a place that was the best possible fit for us from every standpoint: practicality, aesthetics, and affordability. On top of everything else she is unusually observant and perceptive. After we had all looked at the place that turned out to be the right one for us, it was clear to us afterward that she had intuited my husband’s and my unified approval of the place. She agreed with us that it was the right property for us; we knew, though, that, had she felt otherwise, she would have told us--we knew this because she had been candid as to her own assessment of other properties we had considered, and if she felt there was something amiss, she made sure we were fully apprised of her honest professional opinion, so that we would not be steered wrong. We are pleased to recommend Ms. Khenissi’s services in the strongest and most wholehearted terms!

Barbara R.

The only word to describe the professionalism and efficiency of Aya is "exceptional." From our first meeting it was clear that she was highly dedicated to assisting us in finding a home that met and exceeded our expectations. Although I was a student from out of town, Aya understood that coming home at the end of a day should feel rewarding regardless of whether you were new to the environment or not. To this end, we saw many apartments and homes within the period of a few short and tenuous weeks. Throughout this process, Aya was incredibly patient and invested. Upon reaching a prospective home, she would become a fountain of knowledge about the building and the surrounding area. I felt as though I received a deeper, fully-formed picture about each apartment, and, as such, found the one that suited my needs best. Aya is an absurdly hard-working individual with charisma, compassion, and skill. If you want your next residence to feel like a home that is right for you, she is the best person for the job.

Daniel R.